Try a Baby Bjorn Travel Crib with your Toddler

Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is a light weight crib that is a great help when you are travelling with your toddler.  Travelling with children as you know involves very lots of luggage but with this crib you are sorted as it comes with its own packaging bag that is easy to carry along.  It is allowed in airports and has no restrictions flying, it weighs only 13 pounds.try-a-baby-bjorn-travel-crib-with-your-toddler


  • It is easy to carry along due to its light weight.
  • It weighs only 13 lbs.
  • It is easy to set it up and fold in one simple movement.
  • It does not contain loose parts to attach.
  • It comes with a soft and comfy mattress that is firm enough for your toddler.
  • It is suitable for ages 0-3 years.
  • It has a firm base to hold the baby firmly without the crib sagging.
  • It has a steady frame that holds the baby securely without allowing them to fall off with the crib especially while standing.
  • It comes with one of the latest bag designs.
  • It is easy to store even in your house as you wait for the next travel.
  • It is perfect for all kinds of trips be it a sleep over at the grandma’s or an afternoon at the park or a flight to your holiday destination.
  • It is made up of 100% polyester fabric.
  • It has soft airy mesh allowing the child to interact with the environment around him from his crib.
  • It has removable and washable fabric.

Reviews from verified buyers

“Expensive, but best investment I have ever made. I have 5 kids and didn’t find this until the last one was 6 months old. I wish I found it sooner! I hate the pack n play, they have never slept in them. First night we used this was in a hotel room and she slept 10 hours straight, same the second night. The pad is nice and much thicker than the pack n play, and way more comfortable. I love how easy it is to set up and take apart and it’s super light. I am planning to use it on the beach in a few days as well. I’ll just throw a large towel down under it first. I can’t say enough about it. Well worth the money.”

“We started using this with our son around 3 months, and he was super comfy in it from day 1 of use. We travel with it everywhere, it is so unbelievably convenient. This crib is hands down one of the best baby gear investments we have made. If you like to travel, buy this crib, you will not regret it.”


The Baby Bjorn Travel Crib is the answer to your travel and resting needs even while at home.  This crib allows you to rest from carrying your child around even while at home.  Though expensive it is not a waste of your money to buy it as you can use it anywhere given that it can be used either at home or away while travelling.